BULK BEANS: Organic Adzuki Bean, 25 Lb



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Bean Adzuki Org
Just like its name suggests the bean adzuki traces its root from Asia and particularly so in China. With their stand out small size and reddish brown color, it is quite easy for someone to identify them. It is a natural product since it is harvested while it is in the form which it is cooked. It can be used to prepare several meals. Although the main meals bean adzuki org prepares is the soup and salad, it can still be used to come up with meals based on the home based recipes.
Directions for use
To begin with the adzuki beans can be used to come up their respective soups and salads. To prepare the adzuki beans salad, you will first need to wash the beans and then soak them overnight. Just like any other food after soaking, you are supposed to wash with fresh water. The next step is to cook where you make sure that they boil for them to be completely cooked. After the beans are fully cooked and placed on a salad dish, add cut tomatoes, onions,organic bacon and you can add up any other ingredient you would want your salad to have.
Those who like eating only natural foods have the chance to achieve this by simply choosing to always use the bean adzuki org when preparing your meals. Other than being natural you also get the chance to receive the nutrients that these beans have to offer.