BUBBIES: Spicy Sauerkraut, 25 oz



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Originally a Yiddish term, chutzpah is an attitude of self-confidence, or audacity, that allows a person to say or act in an honest, bold manner – to courageously state what one believes to be true and do what one thinks is right.Can we get a round of applause for Bubbie’s latest fiery creation, Spicy Sauerkraut?! Bubbie was able to take her naturally fermented, sauerkraut and turn up the heat! We’ve combined hot peppers pickled in vinegar with naturally fermented pickles and sauerkraut fermented with naturally active cultures to create a truly unique taste experience that we’ve dubbed “Chutzpah.”For those who like it hot, the heat is just right. Like our original sauerkraut, it retains that delicious crunch you’ve come to know and love. Taste the Chutzpah products are made with the same Non-GMO ingredients consumers expect from one of America’s most trusted brands. Our sauerkraut has no preservatives, no added sugars and is gluten-free! Make sure to refrigerate until the last portion is enjoyed, for Bubbies spicy sauerkraut is fermented with naturally present cultures. And with almost no calories per serving, fans seeking a more robust flavor can taste the chutzpah as much as they'd like without worrying about their waistlines. Taste, like fortune, favors the bold!