BIBIGO: Gochujang Hot & Sweet Sauce, 11.46 oz



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Bibigo sauce lineup offers a wide variety of sauce like Hot & Sweet, Mayo, and BBQ made with gochujang, offering a handy way of accessing the rich taste of Korean cuisine in available packages. bibigo meat marinade offers a novel alternative to the traditional teriyaki marinade in terms of meat dishes. Jang refers to traditionally fermented pastes of Korea made with products of nature like beans and salt. The fermented pastes of Doen-jang (soybean paste), gan-jang (soy sauce), and Go-chu-jang (red pepper paste) create depth and complexity of flavor through the accumulated days and months of fermentation and help to bolster the immune system and slow aging. These fermented foods have served as the first sources of valuable nutrition in Korean cuisine. Jang can be used for a wide variety of foods, from bibimbap, stir-fry, soup, stews, to the dipping sauce.