Eyes Liner Liquid Make Up Pencil Waterproof Black Double-ended Makeup Stamps Eyeliner Pencil



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This wing eyeliner stamp is a two-in-one design with a thin line eyeliner at one end to accurately outline your eyes and make them bigger and brighter instantly;The other end is a eyeliner stamp that is easy to apply and provides a quick and natural cat eye look to make your eye makeup sexy. Two dif

The formula is long-lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof. The black stamp eyeliner pen is well inked and well pigmented. It does not need re-touching throughout the day and evening. All skin available, and we recommend using an eyelid primer for longer wear if you have oily or combination skin.

One side of the eyeliner pen has the stamp and the other has the eyeliner. The left-wing is used for your left eye, and the right-wing is used for your right eye. Just place the side with the winged stamp on the corner of your eye. Use the other side to draw and outline your lashline and connect to

The Eyeliner Liquid Contains a variety of natural plant ingredients, it is soft and moist anti sweat water balance, Adopt natural ingredients, do not worry about the eye infection.

Help you draw perfect eyeliner in a minute, save your time.


It is easy to wear,and has long lasting natural effect.

Use for party,professional or home.

How To Use:

1.Using winged stamp to the corner of eyes

2.Apply waterproof eyeliner pen of one end to top lash line

3.Use the eyeliner to deepen and connect

4.Correctly create the perfect wing or cat eyes in seconds


For External Use Only.

Avoid Contact With Eyes.

Please Store It Under Shade Environment And Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.